The Inspired Heart Program allows women to become the best possible version of themselves

The Inspired Heart Foundation (Inspired Heart) is an innovative 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, co-founded by Connie Viveros, Lynn Kirkham and Wendy Stokes. We provide women who lack the monetary resources with positive mentoring, group workshops, and inspired one-on-one coaching. We help them create a positive mindset and life focus, along with the support to become self-confident, inspired and courageous leaders in their families workplace, and communities.

Our mission is to develop and inspire underserved and at-risk women to become positive role models and a contributing force through heart-aligned empowerment and leadership programs.

The Inspired Heart’s primary focus is to change the dis-empowering paradigms and self-sabotaging patterns that hold women back from living an empowered and fulfilling life. They engage in highly sought after transformational workshops that develop their confidence and exuberance for life, allowing them to step into their power and wisdom and make positive changes in their lives. When a woman experiences her authentic voice and lives her truth, she is aligned with her highest potential. The results from our programs are nothing short of miraculous.



The Inspired Heart Foundation’s speaking and leadership training programs provide women from underserved or low-income environments the ability to participate in a life-changing and empowering personal development experience.

Through this work they will deepen their understanding of themselves, become truly self-empowered, and align with their innate power and wisdom to make changes that profoundly uplift and improve their life circumstances. They acquire a whole new vision of who they are and what is possible.

Ideal candidates are underserved, low-income and at-risk women who are ready to take a stand for themselves, learn a new way to communicate and fully show up in life. They choose not to allow their current circumstances to stop them from stepping into the best version of themselves.

“The moment you drop into your heart and know that you’re enough, you will find freedom.”

Connie Viveros
Co-Founder, Inspired Heart Foundation

2310 Homestead Road, Suite C1-131
Los Altos, CA 94024