Inspire Love

Imagine the feeling you get when someone tells you that you inspire them, that you are valued, that you matter. One kind word can change your entire day!

Now imagine how great it will feel to ignite the light in special people you meet – Knowing that your light will be ignited simultaneously.

You have the power to spark a global movement to Inspire Love, to ignite the light in others – an opportunity for all of us to pay Love forward.

We are campaigning to look for what’s good, true, unique and special about someone and let them know. What we all want most is to be seen and acknowledged. This is soul food.

There is no better gift of Love than to see others and let them know that they matter.

Join our global movement to Inspire Love and begin seeing the beauty in others and expressing it, from your heart to the hearts of many.

Pay it forward and “Inspire Love”

People will never forget how you make them feel – Inspire Love today! Pay it forward at work, with friends, your family, work colleagues, the person standing in line at the grocery store, a policeman, your local firefighter, your barista, a homeless person – and the list goes on…

Get a group of friends together and inspire love at shopping centers, your local coffee shop, or a street corner. Have students go into retirement homes and inspire love to those who are lonely.

What to do:

Chances are you will receive Inspired Love in the form of a paper heart from someone who sees something special in you. At that time, they will also gift you with blank hearts so that you can “pay it forward” and Inspire. More. Love.

Step 1: Get Inspired:

Click and download “Inspire Love” hearts BELOW.

Inspired Hearts with Messages   |    Blank Inspired Hearts

Print out as many as you like so you have hearts to pass out any time you are Inspired. Remember to print both sides

Cut “Inspire Love” cards/hearts out.

You are ready to go!

Step 2: Make a Difference:

Spend time each day looking for what is special about someone, whether you know them or not.

Write a positive quality you see in them, or use one of our pre-printed messages and hand it to them with a smile.

Become part of our global movement by taking a photo of just them or with you as well and post it on your social media sites, tag Inspired Heart Foundation and upload your photo.

Pass along extra hearts for them to Pay it Forward and “Inspire Love”

Step 3: Continue steps 1 and 2

See how you will not only be the spark that ignites the light and beauty in others but also within yourself.

Building on a Solid Foundation

The Inspired Heart’s primary focus is to change the disempowering paradigms and self-sabotaging patterns that hold women back from living an empowered and personally fulfilling life.