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Connie Viveros

Inspired Heart Foundation Co-Founder and President

Connie Viveros is Co-Founder of The Inspired Heart Foundation and currently serves as its President. Connie brings to the Foundation more than a decade of non-profit leadership experience across numerous charitable causes – all of them working for social justice.

Prior to joining IHF, Connie’s non-profit leadership career included roles as:

Managing Director of The Unstoppable Foundation, a leading humanitarian organization that fights global poverty by providing lifesaving assistance to over 50,000 individuals in rural Africa. President of The Collective Heart Foundation, providing a leadership platform from which hundreds of girls now have the opportunity to become business and government leaders. Co-Founder and President of the 100 Women Charitable Foundation where she led the organizations’ efforts to design and create and implement a system of collective philanthropy in the San Francisco Bay Area which has contributed more than a $1 million dollars to deserving non-profit organizations in Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties.

Connie is a longtime advocate for women’s rights and social-change philanthropy, and leads with vulnerability and passion for empowering underserved women around our world. She has spent the past decade creating opportunities and support programs for others in need, especially women and children living in abject poverty.

Connie’s interest in working for underserved women dates back nearly a decade to a humanitarian trip she made to rural East Africa. Visiting dozens of communities in both Kenya and Uganda, she was struck by the lack of educational opportunities and infrastructure for children, especially girls. Returning home more aware of the issue, she saw a similar pattern of opportunity gaps in her own community in the San Francisco Bay Area. She made it her life’s mission to give to organizations that provide education, mentorship, support programs and opportunities for underserved women.

Connie‘s personal passion is connecting with women who also believe they can and must make a difference in this world – starting with themselves. She is dedicated to creating inspiring content and programs that empower all women to transform self-doubt into self-love. She is a formally trained and Certified expert transformational life coach. Connie is an inspiring public speaker on transformation and she is the published co-author of two books on the subject. An ordained minister, she has served as mentor, friend and inspiration to girls everywhere from her neighborhood all the way to the Masai Mara in East Africa.

Loretta Stagnitto

Inspired Heart Foundation Director

Loretta Stagnitto is a leadership coach, executive advisor, trainer, workshop facilitator, and mentor who has inspired and coached many highly motivated individuals, leaders and teams in dynamic and constantly changing business environments. In 2004 she founded Loretta Stagnitto Leadership Associates, LLC (LSLA) and in 2011 she launched The “I Know” System™ for Personal and Team Leadership Development. Loretta created this unique coaching methodology after years of interpreting how good managers become great leaders and how productive teams evolve into high-performing ones.

Loretta is also an avid supporter of health, education and empowerment for women and girls, and a Coach and Mentor to several dynamic female leaders and young aspiring ones. She serves on the Leadership Council of Rise Up, a global non-profit organization that invests in visionary leaders, local organizations, and innovative solutions to achieve large-scale change. Loretta helped Rise Up pilot a Youth Champion leadership-coaching program in 2016, and in 2017 began mentoring an amazing new Youth Champion from Pakistan who is currently living in Japan while obtaining a PhD in Sustainable Education.

In November 2017 Loretta joined the Board of the Inspired Heart Foundation, a female-focused non-profit whose mission is to develop and inspire underserved and at-risk women to become positive role models and a contributing force through heart-aligned empowerment and leadership programs.  She is working with IHF’s Founder and Board to support the 2018 Empowerment and Leadership Training initiative designed to help a select number of deserving local women develop authentic self-confidence and the essential communications and leadership skills they need to succeed in life.

As an Executive and Team Development Coach at LSLA, Loretta works with individuals at all levels of the corporate ladder, from C-suite executives to high-potential senior managers, and she supports newly formed, intact, and cross-functional teams. Over the past 13 years, Loretta has delivered executive and leadership coaching and training programs to individuals and teams at Kaiser Permanente, LifeLock, Cisco Systems, Yahoo!, TIBCO  and several other small, medium and large firms in a variety of industries.  Loretta is also an Executive Coach and Leadership Consultant with Corporate Edge, Inc., a San Francisco-based leadership consulting firm that offers executive advisory services to prominent corporations and their senior leaders. Background and Training: Loretta’s effectiveness as an executive and leadership coach is grounded in her unique combination of extensive business experience and formal coach training. Her understanding of business professionals and organizations is founded on 20-plus years as a Silicon Valley marketing executive prior to becoming an Executive Coach. Creator of The “I Know” System™ for Individual and Team Leadership Development, Loretta received her coaching certification in 2004 through Corporate Coach U (a division of Coach U, Inc.), and has completed leadership courses through the Mastering Professional Management™ program at the Institute for Generative Leadership in Boulder, CO.  She is also certified in several popular psychometric and emotional intelligence tools, and holds a B.A. in journalism and public relations from San Jose State University. She is a member of Watermark, the Bay Area’s largest membership organization dedicated to increasing the number of women in leadership positions, and has served as a LEAD program mentor for WOMEN Unlimited; a Grade Level Advisor (GLAD) for the Heritage Oaks Chapter of the National Charity League; marketing and communications coordinator for the Yes on Measure E Los Gatos Parcel Tax Campaign; and a board trustee for the Hillbrook School in Lost Gatos, CA. Loretta lives there with her husband and is the mother of two young adult children who both currently live in Southern California.  In addition to supporting women, Loretta likes to practice Yoga, bike ride, take long walks in nature, watch movies and write about her experiences in life.

Megan Walrod

Inspired Heart Foundation Director

Megan Walrod, Founder of Live Your Yes, LLC, is an author, speaker and heart-based copywriter and business coach. Over the past decade she has shown hundreds of entrepreneurs how to build profitable and purposeful businesses. She is passionate about empowering women (and girls) to find their voice, claim their value and share their gifts with the world.

Before starting Live Your Yes, Megan was one of the lead coaches, trainers and copywriters for a premier 7-figure company in the marketing industry. Before that, she was a consultant for a Global Fortune 500 Company, writing and delivering training for an international audience.

Megan received a Master’s degree in Organization Development (from Bowling Green State University) and one in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology (from Naropa University). Her love of learning is surpassed only by her love of words, and using them to inspire and empower.

Megan encourages her clients to “Live Your Yes,” knowing that when we live an inspired life, we are more magnetic and create greater success for everyone. She shows her clients how to bring the fun and magic into marketing, business and life. 

Currently, Megan is “Living Her Yes” in Uganda. Following a calling and a deep desire to pay her privilege forward, she is volunteering with a non-profit called Girl Up Initiative Uganda. GUIU is an NGO that empowers women and educates girls growing up in the slums of Kampala. The Inspired Heart Foundation is very excited about the project that Megan is working on with the adolescent girls of GUIU. 

“Women who are confidently themselves, bring light into the world.”

Connie Viveros
Founder, Inspired Heart Foundation



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