For women to become great we won’t change them. Instead, we will bring more of who they truly are, out.


We see them for who they really are. The light, the pure potential, the truth. 

We help them access the best version of themselves.

We are devoted to empowering at-risk women. We help them to quickly develop a deep sense of self-worth along with strong communication and leadership skills, which are crucial for success. They begin to see themselves as powerful, beautiful and worthy and become inspiring leaders, role models and a contributing force in their families, communities and society. They realize that their future does not have to be a continuation of their past. They take a deep dive into strength-based training programs, one-on-one coaching, ongoing validation and connection to a sisterhood of women on the rise.

Women must have a sense of their own value and self-worth in order to achieve true success. In our groundbreaking workshops we teach practical, actionable skills enabling participants to let go of their doubts and fears and embrace their power. They see their own beauty and strength and claim it. They master the art of connection, the skill of deep listening, and speak from the heart in a way that moves an audience. We see them lead, inspire and create positive change in their lives and the lives of others.

YOU can EMPOWER a woman today by providing a scholarship for this groundbreaking training.

The woman you sponsor will receive life-changing professional training, world-class coaching, exceptional mentorship and a sisterhood of women whom they can call upon for support.

The Inspired Heart Foundation’s programs have a proven track record.

98% of participants have experienced life changing transformations in their self-confidence, speaking voice and leadership presence.

Women's Leadership with Inspired Heart Foundation

Inner Strength and Empowerment Training

Meditation, breathwork and guided visualizations teach participants how to calm their inner critic, become more present and in touch with their inner guidance, which helps them create stability and resilience. Focused exercises develop the skill of truly connecting with others and how to listen deeply. Women begin to trust and create a deeper connection with themselves and their peers which creates a sense of belonging. Through honest, heartfelt communication a tribe of unconditional support is formed. Storytelling exercises with their tribe, and feedback that focuses only on what they are doing right, confirms they have a voice worth hearing. As a result they begin to see themselves in a whole new light and identify with their strengths. This quickly tears down the walls of ‘I am not good enough’ and builds self-esteem.

Inspired Heart Foundation

Leadership Presence Training

With practice, positive reinforcement, mindfulness, EFT and other transformational tools, women break old habits and patterns and their voice and sense of self becomes stronger. They are more empowered, take greater risks and speak their truth from the heart. Women learn how to change their mental state from negative to positive in an instant so they can walk into any situation, feel comfortable in their own skin and be received as a leader. Training exercises include all of the components of creating a captivating leadership presence and mindset.

Women's Leadership Programs


We tailor our support for each woman to bring out her best. This includes individualized coaching and mentoring, along with small group  coaching to reinforce and expand what was learned in the training. We continue to hold a space for each woman to clear the self imposed blocks, resulting in continued growth. Whether interviewing for a new job, asking for a raise, or creating a better, more empowered life  – we provide guidance and help her access her true north.

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“In the future, there will be no female leaders. There will just be leaders.”

Sheryl Sandberg

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